● Outstanding Performance: The GT110 boasts a remarkable 7000-lumen output, delivering powerful lighting. Its impressive 2720-meter beam distance ensures you have clear visibility in even the most remote locations. This level of brightness and reach makes it an exceptional choice for outdoor activities like hiking, search-and-rescue operations, cave exploration, and camping.
● Ultimate Battery Experience: With a 38000mAh battery, the GT110 offers unparalleled endurance. Its Type-C fast-charging technology allows you to juice up in just 11 hours. The battery’s long lifespan is protected by its built-in design, making it a reliable companion for all your outdoor adventures.
● Comfort and Convenience: This flashlight is more than just a tool for seeing—it’s an all-in-one adventure companion. It comes with a convenient handgrip, adjustable strap, and tripod mount, making it easy to carry, wear, and fix in place.

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