LUMINTOP is a service-oriented customized LED flashlight products designer, manufacturer, and distributor specializing in LED flashlight product development, and the creation of finest lighting instruments of licensed products for retail sale.

The LUMINTOP brand is consist of the words “Luminous” and “Top”, “Luminous” is the unit measure of luminance, “Top” means Top-quality.

The brand Logo is inspired by a picture with an artistic conception: “A man is hiking at night with a flashlight, and the full moon is on the sky, nearly touches the horizon. Suddenly, a rabbit jumps to the front, the man is surprised and he uses his torch to light the rabbit. The rabbit stops and stands up, it is at a loss at that moment and looks so funny. Looking from the direction of the man, the rabbit is standing under the middle the full moon, and the light spot of the flashlight happens to overlap the full moon. So there is the Logo! And the inspiration of LUMINTOP slogan, it was also coming from this “LUMINTOP,Reliable!Playable!”

The founder of LUMINTOP is a senior telecom engineer at the end of 2008, meanwhile, who is also a hiker and off-road enthusiasts and has joined in all kinds of sports events like “Hundred-Mile Hiking” “Long distance ride” and “Tibet off-roading ” etc…Because of this, he got to know a lot of professional outdoor enthusiasts home and abroad. And in the exchange with them, he realizes the professional flashlights are very important for the outdoors (especially for the United States and European friends), but they all dissatisfied with the flashlight’s lack of personality and cost performance. Inspired by these experiences, the founder starts to build his own flashlight brand “LUMINTOP” with another two professional flashlight experts (at that time they already have three years of experience in the flashlight industry), which committed to innovate and manufacture personalized and high cost-effective flashlights. Now, LUMINTOP is still on the way of innovating best outdoor portable lighting after six years.

For 10 years, LUMINTOP has tried various designs and creativity of the product, but the requirement of high standard quality always remains the same. Meanwhile, lots of patents have been granted and new products have been developed, including tactical lights, outdoor flashlights, Law enforcement light, portable flashlights, gift lights, dive lights, headlamp, searchlight and etc., which almost cover all kinds of the light field.

Here we especially want to express our heartfelt thanks to our customers which gives us big support during these years. We also have got a high reputation from customers home and abroad due to our constant innovation and pursuit of cost-effective, and even a lot of customers come to visit the LUMINTOP factory. We have won the favor of lots of distributors through a variety of exhibitions in the global market, especially in the United States, which is the country that only loves the top quality products. And there is much OEM order from some global brands. With the good quality, practical and durable flashlights, we have got a lot of customized orders from the global customers, like Russia munitions merchant; German police force; Panama army force; Singapore firefight force, etc. In Japan, LUMINTOP products are the best-seller with a more expensive price when selling with Surefire’s flashlights. With support from all these big customers, LUMINTOP has become one of the top brands and the representative name for lighting products.

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